The Best Advise for "First-Time Parents"
Recommended by Pediatrician Dr. Michel Cohen, Author of "The New Basics"
Is my baby getting enough milk? How often should I bathe my baby? Why is my baby crying? Is it colic? Why am I feeling down?

These are just a few of the many questions you may have  when you bring your newborn home.

That's why we've collected expert advice,tips, and tricks from parents you can actually relate to.

We'll give you the facts,the fiction, and, most importantly, the confidence you need to enjoy these first few months with your new baby.


When the creators of the “Baby’s Home… What Now?” Baby Care Videos had their first child, they felt like most parents: happy,

but overwhelmed.

They looked for advice in all the usual parenting books, but there was so much information 

out there, much of it contradictory, that they often found themselves unable to relate and confused.
So they

decided to create a new guide.

With a team of experts and a band of new parents, they set out to create a video series with these goals:

Deliver down-to-earth advice that makes new parents’ lives easier and not more complicated.

* Give confidence so they can enjoy the first few months with their newborn.

* Pass along firsthand tips from other parents about what you’ll really need to prepare your home.

* Relate honest opinions and guidance from parents about breastfeeding, sleepless nights and crying.

* Provide a guide not just for new moms but also for new dads.

* Reassure new parents that they can adjust to the new family dynamic without sacrificing intimacy.


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